You will find here all maps (put together from screenshots) to games for eight-bit computer ZX Spectrum, which have been created since 1998. How you can see, there is a quite large collection. Total number of maps is 3117 for now, whereas I have produced 1933 of them. All these maps are also located on Spectrum Computing site, in spite of I prepared this website (with a built-in viewer), because I think it's a good idea, when they can be browsed from one place. My maps were created with the aid of my tools - ZX Screen Snapper (an utility for capturing screenshots from emulator) and ZX Maps Creator (an utility for creating maps composed of the actual screenshots).

If you take interest in this stuff deeper, you can pass on server, where is situated lots more information about ZX games including descriptions, instructions, hints, further maps (scanned) and pokes.

If you find out any mistakes (e.g. wrong names of the authors) or you know about a map that misses here, please tell me about it by mail.

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